Payments & Security

1. Credit Card Payments

For all customers ordering from anywhere in the world, making payment with a credit card is always the quickest way to pay for your order. Your payment is charged to your account immediately and the order process commenced.  Our online Store accepts Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, and AMEX.

Please note: When selecting to pay using your Credit Card, you will be taken to a secure Paypal page to pay for your transaction. You do not need to sign into Paypal nor are you required to have an existing Paypal account to complete this transaction. Paypal is simply processing your credit card on behalf of Dusk Moth Designs. Once your card has been processed, you will be directed back to the Dusk Moth Designs online store. 

2. Using Paypal

Yes, we do accept Paypal. This is also a very quick and easy way to make payment for your order, as the amount is charged immediately. If you are not already 
registered with Paypal, please go to to join.

3. Using Debit Cards

Yes, Debit cards are the same as credit cards, except that you are using your own savings to pay for the products, rather than paying for the items on credit. If you wish to pay using your Debit card, simple select the 'Credit Card / Paypal' as your payment option whilst checking out, and you will be directed to a secure page to enter your Debit Card details.

4. Using Money Orders

A money order is a cash payment similar to that of a cheque. Money orders can be obtained from any Australia Post outlet across Australia. Simply head to any Australia Post office and ask for a money order to the value of the order. You will then be required to pay the amount at the post office. The money order would then need to be mailed to us in order for our order to be completed. For international customers, please note that the only acceptable money order from international countries, is WESTERN UNION. Money orders from any other organisation will NOT be accepted. Do NOT send cash in the mail. Dusk Moth Designs does NOT accept personal cheques.  Money orders MUST be made out to Dusk Moth Designs.

If you select to pay for your order with a MONEY ORDER, you will be supplied with our postal address at checkout.

5. Age restrictions.

You do not need to be over 18 to shop online. If you are under the age of 18, you still have the option to pay by Paypal or Money Order. With a parent or guardian's permission only, are you able to shop online using a credit card. Using a credit card that is not your own without permission is a criminal offence.

6. Privacy

The information that you supply the Dusk Moth Designs Online Store is strictly confidential. We do not reveal, disclose, pass on, sell or distribute to any third parties personal information unless consented by you.

7. Help

If you have any other questions or problems shopping online please feel free to contact us HERE or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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